Monday, April 11

Thank you

I nak post this entry just to give thanks to someone who once told me that faisal was just a bad memory in her past. The one who said he's nothing. To you he is.

Thank you for letting him go, thank you for giving up on him and thank you that youre now happily moving on with your life and not for a second you fikir pasal dia. Thank you for calling it off and thank you because you walked away.

He isnt perfect. He has his own bad but tolerable side but he isnt what you thought he was. He's not even close to what you said. He's kind and loving. He's more, way more than you could have imagine.

I may not be perfect for him either, but we'll go through everything, we went through a lot for 4 years insya Allah, we will stay together for as long as we live, we'll love each other forever.

Thank you, even when i know you tak baca pun. I dont hate you or even trying to bring your old and long forgotten memories back. 

I just wanna thank you. For leaving.