Thursday, February 4

What If

What if today's date, back in 2012 didnt happen? What if i decided to further my study in tesl instead of taking accounting like how my dad told me? What if i decided to go for SPA intake and pursue my study in nursing? What if you masuk uitm puncak perdana instead of uitm lendu? What if you tak sambung pun and decided to kerja with your dad? What will happen if i ignored you the moment you approached me on Facebook IM? What do you think is going to happen to us? Will there even be us?

Looking back on our past has made me realize that there were so many 'what ifs' like what would happen if you tak bagi i second chance? What if you dah move on and fell in love with someone else and what if that night you didnt pick up my call? We got separated, we were so far apart. 
But God knows, maybe we were meant to be. You and i were meant for something better. 

Look at us now......
We're SOOOO in love just like the first time we met. We still have butterflies in our tummy. We still have awkward moments bila kita tak jumpa for a very long period. We still get excited bila ada cerita best. You tak pernah berubah sedikit pun. I hope we both stay like this forever. Always loving and supporting each other. I hope when we have kids, they'll see how much we love one another.

And look at what we have achieved and yet to achieve. I'm looking forward for everything that is going to happen this year 

I love you, sayang. I have never loved someone like how i love you. It used to be one heck of a cliche quote we found on tumblr, but i mean it. I never loved someone as much as i love you. 

Happy 4th Anniversary sayang saya, Faisal Hadi bin Abdul Aziz. You mean the world to me. 

Ingat! nanti jangan dua kali lafaz tau..............

4/2/2012 - forever