Wednesday, October 26

Part 1 : Akad Nikah #adahxfaisal

Today is kind of warm and cozy, i decided to post an update after a longggggggggg and tiring months of making preparation for my wedding. Alhamdulillah, I am now a wife to my darling husband. Allah has answered our longing prayer, to be together and married. May Allah sends His blessings upon us and may our marriage lasts until jannatul firdaws. Insyaa Allah.

Akad Nikah 
Venue: Masjid Cina
Date: 15th October 2016 
Time: 0900 am

I slept on 1200 am and i bangun pagi tu around 0500 am. Aqila who was my makndam came to my house at 0645 am and she did my makeup at 0700 am. Few hours later we both panicked sebab semua orang dah siap but i masih belum sarung baju nikah lagi. She still fixing up my makeup dalam kereta because my lip color was too dark it didnt seem to go like what she had tested a week before that day during my makeup test. WE DIDNT HAVE MUCH TIME TO GET READY! So my advice, don't borak with your makndam like EVER even she's your friend. Its time consuming yknow, 1 minute is so precious. 

Pakteh dropped us on the main entrance of Masjid Cina and time tu lah I saw my husband in his white baju melayu, with his samping and songkok. Wallahi, that moment I saw him, I knew that "girl.... that's him over there. So this is it, it's the time of your life" I tried not to make eye contact. Dia lalu depan pun I buat tak tahu hihi.

The imam and all the jabatan agama people showed up late out of miscommunication. They thought our majlis started at 1000 am. Lama kot tunggu! Siap sempat buat ice breaking session, menggigil pegang mikrofon tau nak kena introduce ourselves infront of both families kan. The imam sampai, then everything went serious again. I can see that my husband was getting super nervous just by looking at his face... 

The imam started to buat lame jokes and then barulah dia baca khutbah nikah pasal all the responsibilities, all the dos and donts. Then everything went quiet. Faisal pusingkan badan facing my dad, betulkan his position on the cushion and right at that time i can actually feel like my heart. just. stopped.

Alhamdulillah dengan dua kali lafaz akad, he's mine. I just sat there and stare blankly, tak tahu what kind of emotion it was inside me, couldnt really decide if i'm happy that I'm now his wife or sad that I had to let my parents go. My feelings were all mixed up, I hugged my mum who seems to be so sad that she cried. After Faisal baca lafaz taklik, they handed me kertas which has lafaz sakinah written on it and the first sentence just tore me apart. I burst into tears the minute I read the first line. That morning was so emotional to be honest (and I ruined my makeup, like literally)

After batal air sembahyang, sarung cincin and salam salam everyone, pakteh drove us back to Faisal's homestay because we need to prepare and get ready for the reception pulak. I'll update another two posts next time! 

To be continued.....

And so our life as a married couple begins.........


  1. Alhamdulillah, Happyyyy for u kak Adah! baca blog ni sebelum akak dengan faisal lagi kehkehkehkeh May Allah ease everythingggg andd cepat sambunggg entry ni.

    1. Hehehe thankyou awak :* insya Allah