Monday, October 31

Part 3: Bertandang #adahxfaisal

Prep before bertandang
Date: 23rd October 2016
Time: 0845 am
Venue: Homestay TTDI Apartment

The day before, I send gambar kat makndam. I wanted her to do my makeup sama macam dalam gambar untuk kenduri belah Shah Alam because I fikir dia official MUA so she must've been so talented, petik jari she can makeup macam yang I nak. That morning was a disaster, her makeup was. She GLUED my entire brows and redraw them, I cuba husnuzon that it was going to be okay in the end. Bila dah siap makeup, she asked me okay ke tak. Wallahi, I felt like crying the moment I tengok cermin. I said my eyebrows nampak pelik, nampak garang. Dia cakap "ala nanti dalam gambar nampak cantik"

I didnt trust her AT ALL FOR GOD SAKE. Muka I kelabu, my lip color gelap gila and my brows, ya Allah my brows macam sakai. Boleh nampak lah how i dislike her makeup, dia boleh lagi tanya ok ke tak. If i said tak ok we didnt have much time to redo the makeup pun. 

Time makndam tengah siapkan suami, I whatsapp suami yang I nak balik rumah sebab I nak ambik my makeups, obviously because I nak repair. It was 1130 am at that time tau and my family kena be at the dewan pukul 12. 

That morning was pretty messed up. The moment I reached home, I grabbed some of my makeup and terus put them all in one bag, lari masuk kereta then terus gerak homestay semula. We both managed to be there on time because from homestay to rumah like 10 minutes macamtu tau. I just tambah eyeshadow and changed my lip color. Makndam tu tak highlight and contour my face ok, highlighter is LIFE tau tak?! Muka I tak glowy and shimery langsung. So yeah, I did what I did cuma rasa terkilan because I tak tahu how to fix my eyebrows sebab takut I'll make it look even worse nanti.
Once we reached homestay everyone dah turun bawah tengah tunggu the rest of my relatives untuk gerak sekali rombongan.

The whole damn day I rasa kening I macam witch. Lega gila dapat basuh makeup because nak solat Zohor. Finally felt like myself again without those hideous eyebrows. Honestly my eyebrows nampak macam ahli sihir. Agak terkilan bila tengok gambar yang photographer bagi. Gambar lawa but the makeup macam sakai because of the eyebrows and thick fake lashes tulah, haih what a life. So here are some of the selected photos which to me presentable lah kot haha. 

 Ahh finally.... that's me

So that was all. All the guests made my day better even when I dont feel like looking like myself. The weather was just nice, tak panas sangat and it didnt rain pun on that day.

That night Faisal told me about how he felt the moment I whatsapp dia pagi tu bila I cakap I balik nak ambik makeup. He said "adoi dia ni nak buat kerja gila lagi lah ni" to me because sebelum ni pun I pernah buat kerja gila jugak. Couple of times, maybe.... Afterall, he only wanted the best for me and dia cakap dia taknak tengok I masam muka on our second big day. I know I'm crazy, but he loves me. I taknak jadi nuisance but I just want the best hmmm *facepalm


Outdoor Photoshoot 
Date: 23rd October 2016
Time: 0500 pm
Venue: Bukit Jelutong behind Zawara Cafe

My heels koyak because I tak beli heels baru pun. Resepsi 15/10 haritu sewa baju dengan Mentari dapat full siap kasut sekali. I'm using flats je haha sedih

Thats the last of it. Thank you Mr. Fauzan Alwi the photographer of the day.

Being pengantin was pretty rough, mental kena kuat and kena multitask. Sekarang ni bila tengok pengantin/orang nak kahwin, jadi rindu nak buat prep and not to mention counting for the long awaited day. May our marriage fill with so much joy and happiness, be blessed and may our hearts are attached close to one another. May we both be loving each other endlessly for the sake of Allahu taala. 

I pray to those who's getting married in near future, have sabr, be patient. Insya Allah, everything will be okay to both of you. See you guys on my last post pasal kahwin kahwin ni haha i'll update when I ada masa. Toodles!

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  1. Selamat Pengantin Baru adah.. cantik makeup tu... :)