Thursday, October 29

Win or lose

Have u been in a place where u tried all kinds of dietary pills/supplements for weight loss but u still hasn't lost a few kg pun? The maximum amount you can achieve is 3kg but based on the testimonies others can lose more than 10kg by doing nothing. Dont you think thats a bit exaggerating? If u read on their description the utmost rule is very simple 'drink plenty of water' and poof u lose weight. But little did u know once you stop taking those supplements and start eating like you normally do your weight gain just got doubled.

I somehow was one of the victims. I consume herbalife, shaklee, best slim and jamu surut ayu. To be honest, these products help losing 2-3kg but once i stopped consuming i gained a few more pounds til it reaches 78kg and i can be considered as overweight at that time. 
I workout and hit the gym before puasa and hari raya that i managed to lose 8kg but after raya i continue balik my eating habit and started to gain back 4kg. Now dapat kesedaran balik i join fitness team #teamayuni and manage to lose 2kg in 1 week by working out and following my coach's meal plans. I'm in my week two now 

Hence, my point is dont depend on supplementary diet bcs at the end of the day, it will double ur weight. The only way u can work on your body and getting rid of those fats is to workout, to get all sweaty and having sore muscle. Theres no fast track, theres no short cut. Having a healthier lifestyle and diet by eating clean foods and stop consuming sugar will eventually get you there. No matter how slow or fast the process is, once you get there.... you know youve done it so well and should be proud of your ownself for pulling it off. You should be proud of your determination to have a healthier body. #teamayuni taught me that being skinny isnt what its all about. Being thin with thigh gaps isnt what we should aim for. Instead, #teamayuni taught us that you should treat your body nicely with good and healthy food. Because thats the only body that has been created for us, we live inside it and we should be loving it for the rest of our lives

Saturday, October 24

Embrace your beauty but never neglect you health

When someone calls you fat or be like 'eh berisi dah kau sekarang?' whats the most common answer you'll reply? Usually you'll reply with sarcasm or just something that will ease your insecurity like "aku bahagia sangat" or "mak aku masak sedap!" 

Dont lie. Everybody does that including me to be honest. But how many times you have to look in the mirror and curse, mock and hate yourself for being a plussize? Dont take me wrong and dont lie if you dont want to look good and feel good about urself? Whats the purpose of looking at yourself and hate your view? Unless you perfectly accept that you own a curvy body and youre happy accepting your physical apperance than i shouldnt discuss more.

But what im seeing is that you hate your body and that is the only body that has been created for you. You hate it but you dont even do anything about it. Embrace your beauty, embrace ur imperfection but never neglect ur health. Go out for a jog, to the gym or take a walk or maybe do morning workouts! Do not complain about your body unless you wanna change yourself. Bcs complaining doesnt burn calories my dear and comparing yourself with skinnier people aint gonna do any good bcs that will eat you up and make u feel worthless.

Always know your worth and love your body 💕😘

Thursday, October 22

Another random post

Wow, its been ages since the last time I updated this blog la. I've been neglecting it ever since wechat came along. But honestly theres no place like 'home'. I remember those days when I got home from school, dropped my bag, mandi laju laju terus on my dad's huge pc pastu sign in blog update an entry. Kadang, two three entries per day since I have so many things to talk about. Ok cut the craps, this is like very random post. You know whats weird, the other day I had like so many things to write tau but then here I am writing benda random lagi oh well some other time would do kan?

My life has been doing really good like genuinely speaking I am more optimistic and positive with everything, less complaining (alhamdulillah) and somehow I rasa I've found my inner peace. No drama, I'm in an ok state to be exact. I am currently unemployed after a month kerja. I rasa living a life like this, without people trying to bring me down lagi elok dari hari-hari I kena face the same person who has been driving me nuts. So I quit my job, alhamdulillah now i'm running a small business on Instagram and yes, thats more than enough. I am utterly happy with my life now and I dont feel like finding a job at this moment of time but insya Allah, if theres one job that suits me best, i'll go for it and work my ass off for our #kawinfund

Being jobless isnt that bad, sometimes I kept myself busy doing house chores, I cook, I clean, I do the laundry and sental every sudut in this house because that'll be more amusing rather than laying in bed all day pastu kena marah dengan mak. I nak practice awal being a good housewife so that I am of the same level as faisal's step mum. Shes an Australian and she likes to clean, clean and clean the house. 

Mak ada tanya I nak further study ke tak, somehow macam berat sebelah. Like what I posted on my latest entry, I dont feel like studying anymore having to think of all aspects. I just hope everything goes out smoothly in everything that I'm doing and may Allah make it easy for our #kawinfund and our future too.

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Wait, see where this post is heading? NO WHERE BECAUSE ITS SO RANDOM but still thank you for reading. I nak kena reinstall blogger app so that when something pops in my head I boleh straight blog them all up kan? I'll see you on my next entry! xx