Thursday, March 12

Appreciating You #3

I'm dedicating this post to my dearest boyfriend ever. Thank you sayang for having me in your life, for taking care of me, for treating me nice and for being the guy who supports me all the time; who never fails to make me laugh and smile. I know sometimes i can be a little bit rough on you. I'm sorry if i hurt you, if i fail to understand you and i'm sorry if i'm not good enough. And i am sorry if i go against you by the things you did or said. I'm sorry if i am mean to you. I'm sorry if i am impatience. I'm sorry if i messed up and i'm sorry if i made you cry. 

You're one in a million sayang

I know how hard i am for you to handle. I know its difficult to understand me. Take all the time you need to better understand me because i will never leave. I love you that i cant stay mad at you for long. You know that dont you? tak susah sangat nak pujuk i sebenarnya bcs you know what you know. Dah kawin nanti you can smother me all you want. Thank you for appreciating me, for being faithful and for sacrificing your time and energy just to make me feel happy. Thank you for all the things you gave and thank you for loving me for what i am. 

Nobody has stayed this long. Nobody can truly accepts me; all of the secrets i had and all of the dark sides of me. You accept me, you tahu all of my flaws; but you still choose to stay. I'm grateful and i can never tell how much you mean to me by words. I cant even build a good sentence to express this feeling i'm having inside my heart, i cant describe it beautifully sayang :( 

Come what may, i will always be with you through it all and we will make it til the end.

Happy Men's Day. I love you sayang