Saturday, October 24

Embrace your beauty but never neglect you health

When someone calls you fat or be like 'eh berisi dah kau sekarang?' whats the most common answer you'll reply? Usually you'll reply with sarcasm or just something that will ease your insecurity like "aku bahagia sangat" or "mak aku masak sedap!" 

Dont lie. Everybody does that including me to be honest. But how many times you have to look in the mirror and curse, mock and hate yourself for being a plussize? Dont take me wrong and dont lie if you dont want to look good and feel good about urself? Whats the purpose of looking at yourself and hate your view? Unless you perfectly accept that you own a curvy body and youre happy accepting your physical apperance than i shouldnt discuss more.

But what im seeing is that you hate your body and that is the only body that has been created for you. You hate it but you dont even do anything about it. Embrace your beauty, embrace ur imperfection but never neglect ur health. Go out for a jog, to the gym or take a walk or maybe do morning workouts! Do not complain about your body unless you wanna change yourself. Bcs complaining doesnt burn calories my dear and comparing yourself with skinnier people aint gonna do any good bcs that will eat you up and make u feel worthless.

Always know your worth and love your body 💕😘

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