Thursday, October 22

Another random post

Wow, its been ages since the last time I updated this blog la. I've been neglecting it ever since wechat came along. But honestly theres no place like 'home'. I remember those days when I got home from school, dropped my bag, mandi laju laju terus on my dad's huge pc pastu sign in blog update an entry. Kadang, two three entries per day since I have so many things to talk about. Ok cut the craps, this is like very random post. You know whats weird, the other day I had like so many things to write tau but then here I am writing benda random lagi oh well some other time would do kan?

My life has been doing really good like genuinely speaking I am more optimistic and positive with everything, less complaining (alhamdulillah) and somehow I rasa I've found my inner peace. No drama, I'm in an ok state to be exact. I am currently unemployed after a month kerja. I rasa living a life like this, without people trying to bring me down lagi elok dari hari-hari I kena face the same person who has been driving me nuts. So I quit my job, alhamdulillah now i'm running a small business on Instagram and yes, thats more than enough. I am utterly happy with my life now and I dont feel like finding a job at this moment of time but insya Allah, if theres one job that suits me best, i'll go for it and work my ass off for our #kawinfund

Being jobless isnt that bad, sometimes I kept myself busy doing house chores, I cook, I clean, I do the laundry and sental every sudut in this house because that'll be more amusing rather than laying in bed all day pastu kena marah dengan mak. I nak practice awal being a good housewife so that I am of the same level as faisal's step mum. Shes an Australian and she likes to clean, clean and clean the house. 

Mak ada tanya I nak further study ke tak, somehow macam berat sebelah. Like what I posted on my latest entry, I dont feel like studying anymore having to think of all aspects. I just hope everything goes out smoothly in everything that I'm doing and may Allah make it easy for our #kawinfund and our future too.

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Wait, see where this post is heading? NO WHERE BECAUSE ITS SO RANDOM but still thank you for reading. I nak kena reinstall blogger app so that when something pops in my head I boleh straight blog them all up kan? I'll see you on my next entry! xx

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