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The remarkable thing about enduring distressing circumstances is that they truly feel as though they’re never going to pass. Even as Muslims being given the guarantee that “Verily, with every hardship comes ease” (Quran 94:6) stressful eras tend to shake our faith.
Often we do our utmost to be as tolerant as possible, but feeling down in the dumps has the tendency to drag our patience levels down with us.

Nonetheless, it’s inevitable; there will be bumps in the road ahead. Some will be steeper than others, but that’s absolutely no reason to let yourself fall. There will come days in your life where waking up seems meaningless.

Things around you which typically enliven or make you feel joyful will cease to do so, and absolutely nothing can bring light to the darkness which has set into stone in your chest. These are the darkest, poignant and most lonesome times you as an individual may go through. And you’ll start to question, “why do good things have to end?”. We question the “ending” in life frequently, but what we aren’t grasping is the fact that the same “ending” which you curse, is the same “ending” which will bring you relief. You don’t dwell in a lifetime of pain and anguish because those tears won’t last. You can only shed so many tears for the same reason for so long, before they become drops of a different sadness or happiness. You don’t go through the same distress every single day because every single day is different.

Sure, the good times pass; the people leave; the success expires; the youth fades, but just as all good things in life end, so do all terrible things in life. Sickness gets cured; hard work results in reward; arguments get resolved; grieving over death eases; emotions change.

So we need to cultivate a respect for the “ending” of situations in life which we never realized to appreciate. Your laughter may not last, but be grateful that neither will your tears.

You may be a wreck today, but are you going to feel this way every single day in the next three years? Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed us with the time capacity of all things in this life.

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