Sunday, July 5

Overly attached

It triggers me to write about this person's tweet. I dont know it just something that i had in mind and i wanna let it out. You may agree or disagree or dont read at all.

Ok recently i read a tweet and the tweet kinda look like this; "Aku tak respect perempuan yang terlalu taksub dengan teman lelaki. Kahwin pun belum dah heboh satu dunia. Malulah sikit"
First of all i am that kind of gurl you been tweeting about. As the saying goes siapa makan cili terasa pedas nya. Memang tbh terasa jugak if it wasnt for me pun tempias terkena sikit. But! Its a good thing this person tweeted on this issue so i know lah what she think of the people yang overly attached macam i ni.

I am overly attached i wont deny it. Tbh, i appreciate my boyfriend's existence and the best part of all, he has split personality. His friends nampak dia ni jenis introvert, tak selalu senyum, nampak macam ada masalah, selalu berkerut etc etc. Yup i heard alot from people some even cakap hes sombong and all. His family nampak dia jenis can be count on and a great brother to mingle with. And i nampak hes going to be a very good and responsible husband. Bila orang cakap dia tak senyum bila terserempak thats when people should know dia memang macamtu. But when hes with me, hes a different person. Totally different person. He talks a lot like a little child. Hes active, cheerful and sometimes he dances when i asked him to dance while we were on the road listening to the radio.

And i always want to write about him because hes like a book and not an open one. Hes like a diary to be precise. Hes unpredictable sometimes and is so kind hearted. He appreciates his blood bros and the love he has for his mother and his siblings is beyond words. He never calls me with any insulting names memang tak pernah call me gemuk ke lengan macam ikan paus ke eyebag macam kantung kangaroo ke. Nope, nada. Tak pernah. I was the one yang suka insecure dengan my whole features but he'll convince me that im not like that. Dia jarang marah i but when he does im in a big trouble. Not once, dia reject my calls or leaving my text unreplied. Satu hari je bila dia tak check on me pun i dah menggelabah rindu (macam kes takde line masa dia dekat Pulau Perhentian haritu)

I admit that i memang overly attached or can i say that i obsess dengan my boyfriend. And i believe thats none of anyone's business to be concerned about. Its not like im obsessed with someone else's husband or boyfriend kan? And yes i belum kahwin, i belum ada apa apa hubungan dengan dia then the cliche part when people cakap "bukan main heboh kat orang pasal boyfriend dia tu. Konon sweet sangat lah macam dia sorang ada boyfriend, kang tup tup tak jadi. Buat malu je" 

Damn gurl.... you been growin hatred in ur heart. cmon boleh kan doa untuk we both murah rezeki, kahwin awal, dipermudahkan jalan and all those stuffs. Your saliva wont cost a penny pun if you doa for other people's happiness. If my conversation on timeline bothers you, might just block me or mute ke if that'll make you happier then just do it. Its not the matter of putuskan silaturahim for god sake dont be that narrow. Unfollow orang doesnt mean you putuskan silaturahim. Yalah, if you tak suka then why bother baca then comes one statement "tak ingin nak baca, dah keluar timeline terbaca pulak" thats why theres a mute button awak. Mute je, habis cerita. I mute and block people a lot srsly. Taksub ke tak taksub ke thats my problem and thats just me. Serious if you rimas then you may unfollow no kidding no hard feelings.

Please, doakan. Jangan lah hina just because we sin differently than you sebab you tak ada boyfriend. Me and him sendiri tak suka bercinta lama lama. And we acknowledge the fact there shouldnt be no love before marriage, kena jaga ikhtilaat and having a boyfriend is haraam. But in case youre wondering we only met once in a month and my younger brother will teman every we go. My dad has been taking care of me. I may have complaint about why my parents are strict im 22, people of my age boleh je suka hati keluar dengan bf yada yada but hes my dad and he knows the fact that when two person went out together syaitan will be joining the party. Ya Allah im thankful. Right now i rasa nak menangis having to think of the sins ive been doing and giving freely to my dad :'(

Please, i mintak doakan that we both akan kahwin one day, takda masalah dan dipanjangkan jodoh sampai bila bila

We have future plans, next year or two years ahead that depends. There are alot of aspects need to be taken into consideration. Financially, emotionally and our readiness to uphold these responsibilities. We dont have to tell people about what our plans are sebab god will decide whats best and whats not. Lambat atau cepat kahwin, we solely depend on Allah. Jangan lah doakan we both break up takut takut nanti benda tu terpalit kena awak pulak.

Doakan yang baik baik tau, i cannot repay ur kind duas but insya Allah, Allah Swt knows what lies in your heart and you will be rewarded for ur kindness. Thankyou for reading xx

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  1. Alolo sweetnya dia.Harap korang kawin. Jgn lupa jemput hehe