Friday, July 24

Long distance relationship

Somehow long distance relationship really is hard. At times, I have to convince myself things will get better bcs we both will kahwin sooner or later (insya Allah pray for us kay?) Hence, lepas dah kahwin nanti i'll get to see faisal everyday, every morning, every night and every minute of my existence for my entire life. Sometimes, i have to convince myself that we'll meet again, so we both make plans and usually I yang made all the plans nak pergi mana, nak buat apa, makan dekat mana yada yada. Everytime i akan convince myself that we can go through long distance relationship and we both will get through this test eventually! Tapi kadang I have to tell myself "sabarlah, nanti jumpa jugak" when I see some of my friends upload a pic of them keluar dengan boyfriend, dapat berkualiti time together, dapat spend the day together. Terusik jugalah hati ni nak nak kalau tengah rindu gila.

(At times, when i doubt things, he'll convince me that everything will be okay. He'll secure me with his words so that i rasa elok balik)

But what i do know now,

Those happiness are so temporary sebab bila dapat jumpa pastu dapat spend time lepastu balik rumah masing masing dah tu baru beberapa saat kejap je dah rindu. No! 10 hours takkan pernah cukup ok??????? Tak pernah cukup! This is the longest period of time yang I tak jumpa faisal. Dah hampir dua bulan jugak rasanya not bcs dia tak boleh turun Melaka but my dad wont allow us to go on a date (which i bring my little brother along) during puasa. Its so different than masa diploma dulu. Even two months tak jumpa but we both know start sem baru we get to lepak kat dewan makan berborak like theres no tomorrow. Tapi this time.... we dont know.

So here I am missing him so much each and everyday.

I'm hoping for time to fast forward til the day we both get married and live happily together and forever. May Allah purify our intention and may this difficulties help us grow. Right now I fikir satu je, takpelah if we dont get to meet selalu macam zaman diploma dulu, tuhan sayang sebab tu tuhan jaga kita berdua. Kita repair diri kita dulu, touch up skill yang mana mana perlu.  Marriage is a big thing; bukan untuk buat #relationshipgoals semata mata. Its more than just that.

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