Wednesday, July 8

Forever and always

I wanna travel the world with my husband
Capture all the moment by the beach as the sun sets and turns red
I wanna breathe in fresh air on top of the hill after a long night of mountain trekking
Putting my head onto his chest while we cuddle in blanket in front of campfire
I wanna hold his hands while i amusingly walking and running like a little baby as we enter Disneyland
I wanna skydive,
Go up on a hot air balloon ride
And snorkeling where the water is crystal clear
I wanna run into his arms at Lavenders farm
And i wanna grab onto him when we’re inside the cable car
I wanna pluck apples from trees
We should play hide and seek, you hide and i’ll find you because my heart knows where you’ll be
I want you to lift me up so that i can reach the sky up high
I wanna celebrate our anniversary by watching romantic movies or just dance to the melody of a love song
I wanna fly with you, be in a plane looking out of the window as the clouds are beneath us
I wanna love you forever
I wanna be with you forever
I wanna live with you
Me and you, in this world and afterlife together
To infinity and beyond

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