Tuesday, June 2

Its just something that i had in mind

Have you ever felt like being intimidated by yourself bcs of your own flaws? I remember when my life was a total wrecked bcs i was considered as overweight. I hate putting on jeans and i don't really like to wear long sleeves. The moment i thought i need to change and transform myself was when our family went to Sabah and i dont even have anything proper to wear. Until today masih regret bcs i dont have any decent pictures in Sabah bcs of how i looked then. I got so insecure and not to mention how often faisal had to listen to me rambling abt my weight, how my arms were flabby and how obvious my double chin was. 

Ever since i first started going to the gym, my parents and faisal have been given me continuous supports. Some of my friends told me that i look different than i was before and what makes me happier, ive been skipping gym for almost 2 weeks plus (but still went for jogs) and my weight hasnt change at all. I trust my journey and i'll work harder to regain back my confidence that was once gone. I'll be a brand new person and hoping the old giggly, fun and at the same time annoying Adawiyah will still remain the same

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