Sunday, June 28

Baby love

Knowing every pieces of you makes me realize that all those pieces are meant to complete me. Knowing how strong and fragile you can be at times and knowing that i want to be there for you when your skies are grey. To the most hardworking man i have ever met, who is willing to do just about everything in order to keep me smile. 

Youre the one who knows that i'll get annoyed easily when im hungry. Youre the one who will be there to help me choose baju yang i confuse mana satu nak beli. Youre the one who jaga my aurat, who will ask me to betulkan tudung sebab nampak rambut and who wont let me buy baju yang fitted to body. You sacrifice a lot and you have done so many things for me. One time my white long sleeve shirt terkena cili and im uncomfortable pastu menyampah tengok kesan cili tu, you drove me off to bundle bcs ive been complaining about how i nampak selekeh bila cili terkena baju apa semua you dont nag, you baik sangat.

You bring me to places that ive been putting down on my list and you always belanja me and my annoying brother that sometimes i rasa uneasy. But you said it was okay, is it? Youve been working til midnight, driving from semenyih/kuala selangor to shah alam and please know that i dont like it when you text me while driving. Bahaya tau? I nak kawin dengan you tau? I told you once kalau i tak kahwin dengan you, i wont marry anyone

Youre a gentleman you always hold the doors for me. Bila makanan you dah sampai, you tunggu makanan i sampai sejuk. Bila makanan i pulak sampai dulu, you suruh i makan takpayah tunggu you. Kadang i lapar gila i akan terus makan but at times i degil nak tunggu jugak, makan sama sama. Every night you akan bacakan i doa tidur, every morning bila you bangun dulu mesti wajib you akan bagi i good morning text. Not once, you terlupa :') i'm always the first in your head ya sayang? And paling i suka bila i request lagu and you akan mainkan gitar kadang i sing along kalau i tahu. And now you have been saving money for us, for our future. Insya Allah i'll be helping you too soon bila i dah dapat kerja tau? Sayang, please never leave me okay? Promise you'll stay?

I promise i'll practice more on being a good and loyal wife of yours and a mother to your child.

I love you sayang, my hardworking man

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