Monday, June 23


Bodoh sombong itu penyakit paling hina. Dan pesakit kadang jarang mengakui ini

Saturday, June 21

Tak semestinya

So hi. I'm actually using my smartphone to update this post but nevermind that wasnt my topic anyway.

'Cantiknya dia. Perfect nya life dia. Untunglah. Nak sangat jadi macam dia'

Wait.... Hold on a sec.

You actually wanted to be her, living her life bcs of what she showed you? Yes, she has the most perfect life. Yes, she lives in comfort whereas she can just ask anything and 'your wish is my command'.
But for one second, think.

She's a normal being who goes through shits, who is inside trying to find herself, trying to find her life purposes, struggling and striving to be happy and God knows if she is secretly having an unknown disease. Pictures lie, you've been fooled by those smiles. And nobody captures their sadness nor their tears (unless youre an attention seeker seeking for 'kesiannya tabah ya')

See. Pictures wont tell you everything. They dont tell you the real story behind every smile and laugh.

I know one person and she's beautiful, for some reason her boyfriend had left her and she's currently mending herself, trying to stay strong. Truth is, being beautiful isnt an exception of not facing difficulties. No one in this planet boleh lari dari diuji Tuhan. Bcs this world is temporary, we fight and struggle each and everyday of our lives to find our way back home, meaning that this is not our home and certainly not a place to rest our bones. But Jannah is.