Monday, April 14

super power

kau pernah tak rasa kau sebenarnya ada super power? 

kau rasa kau boleh terbang seiring dengan kapal terbang pastu kau lambai dua tiga kat pilot, 
kau rasa kau boleh laser bontot orang guna mata kau sebab kau benci dia 
kau rasa kau boleh bertukar rupa jadi halimunan dan intai perempuan yang kau suka
atau kau rasa kau boleh tembak orang guna tapak tangan kau

aku rasa aku boleh baca pemikiran orang,
dan aku rasa aku perasan je lebih tapi serius aku boleh baca pemikiran orang, everybody can to be exact.

how do we read minds?

from the eyes that tell, body gestures, facial expression or the attitude itself.
our mind and heart are well-created by God and i can assure you that we do have our own superpowers which are to understand the people around us by what we see and observe, and feel what they feel.
dont be an ignorant who ignores everything - living the world satisfying your own needs and heart. 

understand people more and appreciate. 

this is just a random post, i dont know i am a very random person who writes random stuffs, so yeah 

Tuesday, April 8


Semester five will end soon I can't believe that time flies so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *can't breathe*

I can't believe that i'll end my diploma soon, I can't believe that i'll graduate next year and I can't believe that i'm getting married! Well, literally not after graduating my diploma and mungkin it'll take a few years forward. I dont care when, as long as we stick to together, love each other and at the same time, making our dream a reality. I don't wanna rush things lah sebab well yknow macam selalu wise man says, "eventually good things will come to those who wait and to those who work their butts off" kan?

I should make a to-do-list for this semester breaks. (Oh baru teringat baucar buku masih belum habis guna. hashtag tibatiba)

I really need to make a full list of everything so that i wont miss any important parts while having my long breaks. My last paper is on Friday, a good day to end my fifth semester ey?

So, to all students of UiTM, I hope you guys would make your days productive (oh this is definitely a very cliche one) I hope guys enjoy your long breaks! and to my fellow part six friends, have a very long rest you guys have been studying for three years, I should give you a round of applause sikit!

And to everyone, just live your life to the fullest and never let anyone brings you down. If anyone ever did so you should slam their face on the wall haha okay