Saturday, May 3

An everlasting story

You know that kind of feeling where you only think of one person and that person appears in your mind like every second every minute but you don't feel like its bothering you at all because you love it when that person runs through your mind and that makes you smile.

You will never get tired of this person even if he hurts you and you will say things like 'enough, i'm tired of this' when actually you don't. you never give up on him because you know even you're having those fights, arguments or misunderstanding you still want him in your life, you still want him to be apart of you, you still want to love him regardless of what he does and how hurtful he is sometimes because you know he's a keeper and he is truly one in a gazillion.

No one, i repeat no one can ever replace his spot in my heart because he's the only guy who always there to help me through every shits in life and always listen to stuffs like 'my day went like this..' or 'you tahu tak...' or 'masa kecik-kecik dulu kan....' without ever getting tired. he lifted me up on my downfalls and when everybody shut me out, he's the only person who says something like I will never be his last option and i'm one of his ultimate priorities.

He's the one who keeps me happy and the one who always tries his best to be all that i need. i know we may have fought couple of times about 'why wont you publicize your love towards me on your social network?' kind of stuffs, but i do know now, how you showed and emphasize your love. i was indeed clingy and demanding (sometimes ego. okay all the time) but you held on to me for two years; you accept all of my imperfections perfectly.

Loving you is really all that's on my mind and i can't help but to think about it day and night.

I always want to remind you of how much i love you and how much i need you in my life. i love you Faisal Hadi even some situations are hard to handle and some are hurtful but as long as i have you i am stronger to face any possibilities. you make me happy even when everything falls apart and being yours is an honor. i am fully content and grateful to be apart of your life.

I miss you sayang, always 

Loving you so dearly,
Adwyh, your sayang, your future

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