Wednesday, May 21

Bebel malam

So hi, I have something to share. Did this 'hmm aku pun nak jugak life macam dia' ever crossed your mind while you were looking at someone's photo who is prettier, wealthier and have a nice life to live in? Dont lie to me bcs everyone does that, everyone has this unhealthy feeling of ungratefulness.

Seeing someone with all of these perfections (pretty, skinny, wealthy, smart, famous) will definitely make you feel that 'i have nothing to be proud of, i'm a useless crap, i hate my life' kind of depression. we have what we need but we seem to want more and more from God kan? but we cant have it all at once. 

If you really think money can make your life a lot happier, then work your ass off dont just laze around do nothing and expect money to fall from the sky to your front door. If you really think being pretty can make your life a whole lot better then go and meet any beauty specialist. If you think having the perfect body can make you happy then workout go to gym and get sweaty! 

You just dont sit there and expect God will grant you everything you asked kan?

And if you really think having a sweet and romantic husband would make your life beautiful, then go find one. pergi ajensi cari jodoh or what ever name it has.

But for just one moment, think. 

Kenapa Tuhan tak provide all of these? bcs its temporary and maybe bcs if He gave you these nikmat, you will find yourself lost in this dunya where all you wanted was just fame, money and beauty.

Plus, if lah your boyfriend or your husband tak sweet macam those guys on tumblr, dont ask him to fake himself, pretending to be sweet and all just to please you. thats just wrong. instead, why dont YOU be the one who does the romantic sweet kind of stuff to your partner thats the least you can do. He will definitely appreciate you more. stop being materialistic, asking him this and that dah macam mesin atm bcs he's not. 

Appreciate what you have, work for the things you need and strive for a better life. You dont have to be rich to be happy pun. true happiness is when you stop being ungrateful and learn to love everything and everyone around you.

p/s: this is a note to self, doesnt relate to anyone.

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