Friday, January 3

the sad truth

Hey yegais, my mid semester break is about to end real soon so here i am updating an entry because pretty much I am bored right now. The sad truth is that i'll be facing a very hectic life afterwards. Loads of tests and quizzes are about to ruin my leisure times but i dont mind that's how students should roll kalau tak busy with tests and sorts bukan student namanya.

It's a new year. I don't expect my new year to be nice because I know life will knock us down sometimes so i have to be fully prepared and ready for any consequences. And i know life's gonna be rough once in while, i should stay strong no matter what ought to come. 

What I hoped for is to just go with the flow and fight for what's best.

And since this year is my final year for diploma, I'll end my diploma on November (if i'm not mistaken) by right, i can assure that this year isn't going to be like the rest of my previous years. I just want my last year of diploma to be unlike any other. I don't wanna ask much, i just want to change for the better, create memories and tosses all the stress if I want to earn something different this year. 

I hoped for miracle to happen this year. Why? It's a secret that i won't tell

Hmm pretty much I have nothing left to say now. Just that I hope you guys would have a great days ahead of you and make this year something you could never forget.

Stay tuned for more upcoming updates. Thank you for all the words/supports being dropped by. And thank you for reading this blog, whoever you are, may Allah bless you guys (and myself) throughout our days.

"This could be the start of something new." - Zac Efron

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