Tuesday, November 19

"remember, i love you without you!"

God took away the people we love, this saddens every living people. even though the person we love are no longer with us. he lives in us; in our little heart. 

karna itu Tuhan ciptakan kotak memori. bila terasa rindu, kenang-kenangkan kenangan indah yang terpatri dalam segenap ruang memori. Allah tahu sedangkan kita tak tahu.

Monday, November 18

"treat her like a queen"

"treat her like a queen"

seriously nobody aint gonna treat you like queen in this world. people have flaws and they make foolish and unacceptable mistakes. perfect life don't exists and surely people will throw shits on you without mercy. even those people you have put your trust on. 

people will leave you, kill your trusts, put you down, make you feel less important and insecure and some will stab your back. 

people are unpredictable. they'll change and broke their promises. 

no one, i repeat no one will treat you like a queen but giving you respect, yes. as long as you give them the same thang and talk to them with manners. respect is the most important key, if you treat people like craps, they'll treat you the same in return. and first impression is ALWAYS important. kalau first impression memualkan orang, people will cop 'aku mual tengok perangai dia' pada dahi kau.

jangan harapkan people to treat you like princess, if you treat them like pig. people arent that stupid yknow, and they have feelings too bukan kau je sorang ada perasaan

if you wanna be treated like a queen, treat them like a king. as simple as that. 

Friday, November 15

drama dunia

I've seen and heard so many people saying,

"i'm all alone nobody wants me"
"i can never win somebody's heart, i'm ugly"
"my boyfriend left me for somebody else"
"everybody hates me"
"i'm forever alone, goodbye cruel world"

stop with all the dramas, please?

well here's my advice, look around you.
are you sure you're all alone and left out? are you sure everybody hates you just because somebody is hating on you? this world can be a better place if you put all those negativity away from your mind once in awhile. 

look around you,
is your family around? if yes, then that's a blessing!

look around you,
is there any of your friends who came up to you and said "i love you, you're the best friend i ever had" or maybe as simple as "you're the best, babe" if there is, then it's a blessing too yknow

tak semestinya you don't have a boyfriend to be with, to manja-manja with, you have nobody to love and to share kan? there will always be a person who will going to be there helping you to rise up again when you can't barely stand. if she's not a friend of yours, maybe orang yang menolong itu ibu kamu sendiri. and who knows you better than anyone else kan of course your mom can help you out. and if you still feel like takda siapa boleh tolong fix your life, fikir semula who's the ruler of this world, who gives you life? and yes, Allah will help you as long as you have that faith.........

life could be so much easier kan? 

"senang cakap, you don't know how hard i have to deal with this"

everybody tastes the bitterness of life, the hardships and pain in a different kind of way; of course. kalau kita rasa ujian yang Tuhan kasikan ini payah, fikirkan manusia lain yang diuji lebih hebat oleh Tuhan. 

tertawalah semahunya, bergembiralah walau dunia tak seindah syurga, hargai tiap detik manis yang Tuhan berikan dan ubatkan hati yang sedih dengan keriangan 

Monday, November 11

so hey, be grateful.

ever looked into someone else's photo on Instagram and said "why can't i be her?" or seeing someone beautiful and wealthy. all you can think of is "wow she's so beautiful, her life must be perfect, i wished i could just switch place with her"

well hey, don't worry you're not alone. i've been in that situation so many times.

i've heard so many pretty girls complaining and said "cantiknya dia ni" pointing at some other girls, having not know the fact that dia pun sama cantik. get it?

you see, beauty is from within. hanya orang yang melihat menggunakan mata hati pandai membezakan inside and out.

and beauty with brain never fails to attract people. 

every girls feel insecure once in a while, it's absolutely normal. 
now if you ever feel so, look around you. 
mungkin kau tak duduk rumah besar, tapi kau ada rumah.
mungkin kau tak ada kereta sendiri, bmw atau mungkin toyota sebiji, tapi Tuhan hadiahkan kaki kan? masih boleh berjalan naik public transportation nothing to be ashamed of, tak semestinya orang yang naik bas awam itu miskin, ok?
mungkin kau tak ada baju-baju bagus, beg-beg berjenama, jam mahal. tapi kau masih punya pakaian biasa untuk menutup seluruh badan kan?
mungkin kau tak pandai dalam sesuatu perkara, tapi tak bermaksud kau tak guna, a loser. na'ah.

dalam pada kau merasa, "ish, bestnya hidup dia sempurna." mungkin dia tak gembira dengan kehidupan dia. mungkin juga dia sedang merintih pada Tuhan untuk kurniakan kebahagiaan. tak ada satu manusia pun yang menceritakan sompek diri sendiri. dalam pada kita tak tahu, ada rahsia antara dia dengan Tuhan. 

sempurna tak diciptakan untuk describe sa-orang manusia. kita manusia, serba kekurangan dan cuma Tuhan yang bisa melengkapkan kita.

always be grateful with what you have. if you're not from a wealthy family, then work your ass off. if you think you arent beautiful then find someone who sees the best in you and calls you beautiful. 

live your life to the fullest and may Allah bless us all in this temporary dunya, keeping us safe and happy in the hereafter. aamiin ya Raheem.

Sunday, November 10

nay for waiting and making people wait.

Have you been in several situations where you need to wait for something, someone or i don't know, a sign maybe?

like when you're waiting on the line to order foods at Mcdonalds, you just stand there doing absolutely nothing or scrolling your twitter timeline till you're bored to death because it seems like your line doesnt even moved.

and when you're in hospital, you have to wait, sittin on those chairs until your number is being called up by some grumpy nurse and you just wait there doing absolutely nothing and to erase your boredom you put on your earphones and listen to your playlist. 

or when you're waiting for the bus after school. you do know when the bus will arrived (or maybe you dont) and you keep on staring at your watch like when is this going to end? when lah this bus will come? and you sighed like loads of time.

well, now now.
what i meant to say is that i have this enormous hatred on making people wait and yes, waiting. 
i don't like people go around and say "lambat lah kau ni. sebab kau, aku lambat!" 
and i don't like cursing people deep down inside my heart like "ish lambat lah. nanti aku pun lambat sekali"
hence i'd prefer walking all alone by myself without having any company.

but i have friends though.

just that, i don't have that much interest; listening to certain people complaining about me behind my back.
i hold on to this words only "kalau aku lambat, aku lambat sorang. no one to blame but myself"

some girls tend to walk in groups and some of the girls who know me, they'd be like "jalan sorang je ke?"
and i'd be like 'taklah ada teman ni' when there's actually no one except satan. 

so yeap. basically that's all.