Tuesday, September 17

Reminiscing every good memories. Lets cherish the love.


Oh hi, sejak dua menjak berkecimpung dalam arena menulis puisi (sila tekan sini kalau anda rasa anda hensem), aku bagaikan tlah meng-anaktiri-kan blog lama aku. Bukan jet jet, tapi few of my fella asked me "Adah tak update blog ke?" and so I shall give the answer lah yang aku lebih giat menulis puisi pendek dalam blog satu lagi. so yeah, the end.

Anyway, my final examination dah half way there tinggal lebih kurang i dont know nak to be exact maybe a week left til final. My feelings are uncertain and come to think of it, mungkin bahang belum terasa eleh konon nak chill dulu rilek dey tambi lagi seminggu je. aah seminggu.

Next semester i wont be living inside campus. dapat pegang title Non Resident (i think that's a really cool name. is it bad?) dan akan tinggal luar kampus until my diploma ends. Pejam celik i've been living in this Kampus Alor Gajah for two years already. tinggal lagi dua semester kendian bye bye uitm. bye bye tasik Tun Fatimah and all.

What's more exciting, i'm becoming 21 on 4th January next year, few months to go. I can't imagine how time flies in a nick of time. 

Will finishes up my diploma and get married (agreement and approvals from both mumsy and daddy are needed) or maybe after taking my degree. Insha Allah, the sooner the better.

This is so random. I asked my dad if i could take some other courses instead of taking Accountancy. Seems like he's approving on me taking either Finance or Human Resource. Idk what to choose. depends on my rezeki of course. but if Allah said I have to further my degree in Accountancy, then i shall just go with the flow :-)

I have so many good memories to cherish while taking my diploma in UiTM. I learned how to grow up, stand on my own feet, knowing who my real friends are and meeting my Drakula. All these places here in UiTM will always remind me of him and all the good and bad memories I went through. So much to learn yet so little time. I appreciate every people who came into my life and to those people who encourage me, keep telling me to be strong, who helped me, advises me not to give up and those who stands beside me through my ups and down. I appreciate all of you :') I really do.

Now this post has become a very sentimental and emotional post, aaaa man. *kesat kesat air mata*

It has been a while tak menaip this long. ahak. Thank you for your time. Hoping that my blog readers would pray for my success in this upcoming final exams. May Allah bless you guys and girls :-)