Sunday, December 29

well its almost new year,

I pray that the Lord makes me more obedient, that He transforms me by renewing my mind, that He creates in me a clean heart and renews a right spirit in me, that He washes me whiter than snow, that He purges me of my mess, that He grants me more wisdom, that He increases my faith and tosses my doubts. And I pray for more peace, more patience, more temperance and more understandings.

For this upcoming new year, I just wan't to live my life happily. No stress, no depress and less drama.

I don't have to ask for 2014 to be nice, because I believe my life is beautifully planned. Everything is in God's hands and i'll take whatever He gives, face every hardships He put me through positively, appreciate the people around me and be more forgiving!

That's all i'm asking for :''')

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