Saturday, December 28

Appreciating You #2

If anyone asks me 'what's your dream?' I'd say there are countless of them but one of my dreams is to marry the person I love and I'll straight away point my finger at him without a doubt.

I lost my interest to fall in love again after so many heart breaks I've been put into but he made me fell for him every single day. It only takes a simple 'good morning' text or a call. I know he thought of me the minute he wakes up if he does that.

He never leaves my side, never neglects me. Always putting up with me and every behaviors of mine.

Whenever I'm with him, I am me. And he knows all my flaws, how loud I burped, how I cried til my nose runs, how I got mad and pissed, how ugly my laugh is because when I laugh trust me I sound weird. You could say I sound like a choking Hyena or even worse.

Since the day you came into my life again, I learned how to see this life with a clearer view and everyday with you is a learning process. I learned about your dislikes and likes. Your family secrets and sorts. And we always have our inside jokes which none of the people around us would understand.

I never had a guy best friend who understands me so well. but hey, nobody's perfect. We do have fights and arguments. The best part of all, we never fought for days or months. He's the sweetest thing and he always forgives. I am very thankful for this, for this opportunity of being his. And I'd be happier to be his lawfully wedded wife in near future.

I don't have to remind him how much I love him. He knows best.

We're aiming for one thing now. Kindly make du'as for us to go on our next step! Thank you and may Allah bless us muslims and muslimahs! xxx

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