Monday, November 18

"treat her like a queen"

"treat her like a queen"

seriously nobody aint gonna treat you like queen in this world. people have flaws and they make foolish and unacceptable mistakes. perfect life don't exists and surely people will throw shits on you without mercy. even those people you have put your trust on. 

people will leave you, kill your trusts, put you down, make you feel less important and insecure and some will stab your back. 

people are unpredictable. they'll change and broke their promises. 

no one, i repeat no one will treat you like a queen but giving you respect, yes. as long as you give them the same thang and talk to them with manners. respect is the most important key, if you treat people like craps, they'll treat you the same in return. and first impression is ALWAYS important. kalau first impression memualkan orang, people will cop 'aku mual tengok perangai dia' pada dahi kau.

jangan harapkan people to treat you like princess, if you treat them like pig. people arent that stupid yknow, and they have feelings too bukan kau je sorang ada perasaan

if you wanna be treated like a queen, treat them like a king. as simple as that. 

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  1. Semua sama rata. Takde maknanya queen queen ni. Kita respect org, org respect kita kan.