Sunday, November 10

nay for waiting and making people wait.

Have you been in several situations where you need to wait for something, someone or i don't know, a sign maybe?

like when you're waiting on the line to order foods at Mcdonalds, you just stand there doing absolutely nothing or scrolling your twitter timeline till you're bored to death because it seems like your line doesnt even moved.

and when you're in hospital, you have to wait, sittin on those chairs until your number is being called up by some grumpy nurse and you just wait there doing absolutely nothing and to erase your boredom you put on your earphones and listen to your playlist. 

or when you're waiting for the bus after school. you do know when the bus will arrived (or maybe you dont) and you keep on staring at your watch like when is this going to end? when lah this bus will come? and you sighed like loads of time.

well, now now.
what i meant to say is that i have this enormous hatred on making people wait and yes, waiting. 
i don't like people go around and say "lambat lah kau ni. sebab kau, aku lambat!" 
and i don't like cursing people deep down inside my heart like "ish lambat lah. nanti aku pun lambat sekali"
hence i'd prefer walking all alone by myself without having any company.

but i have friends though.

just that, i don't have that much interest; listening to certain people complaining about me behind my back.
i hold on to this words only "kalau aku lambat, aku lambat sorang. no one to blame but myself"

some girls tend to walk in groups and some of the girls who know me, they'd be like "jalan sorang je ke?"
and i'd be like 'taklah ada teman ni' when there's actually no one except satan. 

so yeap. basically that's all. 

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