Friday, November 15

drama dunia

I've seen and heard so many people saying,

"i'm all alone nobody wants me"
"i can never win somebody's heart, i'm ugly"
"my boyfriend left me for somebody else"
"everybody hates me"
"i'm forever alone, goodbye cruel world"

stop with all the dramas, please?

well here's my advice, look around you.
are you sure you're all alone and left out? are you sure everybody hates you just because somebody is hating on you? this world can be a better place if you put all those negativity away from your mind once in awhile. 

look around you,
is your family around? if yes, then that's a blessing!

look around you,
is there any of your friends who came up to you and said "i love you, you're the best friend i ever had" or maybe as simple as "you're the best, babe" if there is, then it's a blessing too yknow

tak semestinya you don't have a boyfriend to be with, to manja-manja with, you have nobody to love and to share kan? there will always be a person who will going to be there helping you to rise up again when you can't barely stand. if she's not a friend of yours, maybe orang yang menolong itu ibu kamu sendiri. and who knows you better than anyone else kan of course your mom can help you out. and if you still feel like takda siapa boleh tolong fix your life, fikir semula who's the ruler of this world, who gives you life? and yes, Allah will help you as long as you have that faith.........

life could be so much easier kan? 

"senang cakap, you don't know how hard i have to deal with this"

everybody tastes the bitterness of life, the hardships and pain in a different kind of way; of course. kalau kita rasa ujian yang Tuhan kasikan ini payah, fikirkan manusia lain yang diuji lebih hebat oleh Tuhan. 

tertawalah semahunya, bergembiralah walau dunia tak seindah syurga, hargai tiap detik manis yang Tuhan berikan dan ubatkan hati yang sedih dengan keriangan 

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