Sunday, August 25

Why do I love him?

Why do I love him?
He brought back my happiness I've once lost.
I wasn't looking when I stumbled onto him,
thus, it must have been fate.

He makes me smile without even trying
He sees what a mess I can be and still calls me "beautiful".
He says things and means it.
His brown eyes, his smiles, his laughs.
They're just wonderful.

His personality is one of kind.
Only the one he loves, knows him very well.
Others may think he is full of mystery or maybe boring.
Yes, he is a mystery but no, not boring at all.

Even with so many flaws, he loves me, for me.
And I love him completely.

I don't have to impress him to make him love me this much.
I naturally fell in love.
with the same person, each and everyday.

May this unnamed relationship lasts forever til the day I stop breathing.
Being your wife is what I always dreamed of.
Wishing for it to come true, soon :)

P/s: Counting days ❤❤❤

P/s/s: Happy Birthday in advance! :D

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