Saturday, July 27


None of us can actually point their finger at someone 
saying that she's an awful person because she doesnt wear the hijab.
We dont actually see that person crying while asking Allah to forgive their sins.
None of us can actually said that they're already good enough because they wear the hijab
When its actually kerja Tuhan. Everything is in God's hand. 
He'll decide who's better and who's not.
He'll decide who will enter Jannah and who's not.
Mungkin akan datang satu ketika Tuhan tunjuk kuasaNya, 
Orang tu akan jadi lebih mulia dari kita.

I respect non hijabis who pray five times a day.
Who can read the Quran fluently.
Who can fast without skipping any days (except for period days lah) in the holy month of Ramadhan.
Being super kind to everyone and soft-spoken.

At the end of the day, hidayah will come to that person.
As long as she'll always believe that Allah is the Creator, Helper to all mankind 
and He gives hidayah to anyone He desires.
Tuhan tak kejam. Sungguh.

I am a hijabis.
I wear hijab.
I do sins and I am never perfect.
And you expect others to be perfect?
You expect others are not sinners?

Judging people extremely will give you no good.

Surely it takes time to suit on the new appearance, istiqamah and all.
At least you're trying and God sees that. 
We live on this earth to please our Creator.
and definitely not to please people in it.

I believe changing oneself drastically isnt the best decision to make.
Been there, done that.
Changing need loads of time.
But it depends on their imaan too of course.

This is only a note to self for me.
And in hopes it'll be beneficial to you too.
Stop judging spread love with du'as :)

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