Friday, May 24

Some of us.


Some of us are fortunate, and some of us aren't.

Some of us live in a palace. Some of us live in a small cottage. Some live in a foster home. Some live in a moderate lifestyle and some don't even have a home to live. 

Some of us are fast learners, some of us need loads of practices to be smart, some of us are lazy and effortless and some of us are less fortunate they can't even afford to pay education fees.

Some of us use cool mobile phones but they aren't being grateful. Some of us are hoping that their dads are going to get one for them even if it's cheap and some of us are too poor they just need food to survive.

Some of us need fancy cars. Some of us need a bike and some of us are handicaps, they need feet to walk.

Some of us complain about their life, some of us wish they had someone else's life, some of us somewhere hoping they could live in a very peaceful country.

Some of us live a perfect life.
Some of us don't
Some of us want to have a perfect life.
Some of us just wanna live.

Some of us shot themselves to death, jump off a cliff and die tragically but some of us somewhere are fighting to stay alive.

Some of us seek God only when their heart ache, and some of us pray to God everyday cause they know, God listens.

Life's never easy but believe me God will ease everything. Have faith. Remember Him, He'll remember you. Walk one step to Him, He'll run to you.

If you want paradise don't just sit around and do nothing, instead of doing that, struggle and pray for it.

May God shows us the right way and guide us through; in this world and in the hereafter. May we all meet in Jannah soon. Aamiin.

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