Monday, May 13

Even with my dark side?


"Everybody's got a darkside, do you love me? can you love mine? Will you love me even with my dark side?

I'm annoying. I complain. I grumble. I babble. I'm ego. I'm sensitive. I'm emotional. I'm a rebel. I have unstable mood quite often. I'm a spoil brat. I'm childish. I'm picky and I'm overweight.

I can never be perfect. I never will be perfect. Cause nobody's born to be perfect. 

I have my dark side. Too many of them.

I have my dark side. I can't even list them.

I have my dark side. I even forget some of them.

I have my dark side. Will you accept them? 

Will you still be here for me throughout each days in my life? Will you always keep me company? Will you be there with me through thick and thins? Will you love me for the rest of your life? And will you marry me and accept all of my imperfections and flaws? Once I'm your lawfully wedded wife, I'm willing to do anything, just. for. you. 

You're imperfect. But your imperfections complete me. 

Promise you'll stay :')

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