Wednesday, May 4

Kini tunangan

God bless everyone who prays for our happiness. I got engaged to the love of my life on 23rd of April 2016. I could not find the right words to utter. I am eternally grateful for having him in my life, for knowing him and for loving him. 

164 days before the wedding :) 

Monday, April 11

Thank you

I nak post this entry just to give thanks to someone who once told me that faisal was just a bad memory in her past. The one who said he's nothing. To you he is.

Thank you for letting him go, thank you for giving up on him and thank you that youre now happily moving on with your life and not for a second you fikir pasal dia. Thank you for calling it off and thank you because you walked away.

He isnt perfect. He has his own bad but tolerable side but he isnt what you thought he was. He's not even close to what you said. He's kind and loving. He's more, way more than you could have imagine.

I may not be perfect for him either, but we'll go through everything, we went through a lot for 4 years insya Allah, we will stay together for as long as we live, we'll love each other forever.

Thank you, even when i know you tak baca pun. I dont hate you or even trying to bring your old and long forgotten memories back. 

I just wanna thank you. For leaving.

Wednesday, March 9


So. Hi!

I dah lama gila tak blog about anything, my last post was a month ago which i update on our 4th anniversary. Still cant get over the fact that me and him has been knowing each other for four freakin years. The longest relationship i pernah go through and we both have gone through a lot seriously. We fight banyak kali, tapi people around me thought that we both tak pernah gaduh langsung pun. Well, maybe we're good at hiding it? Yela, kalau gaduh on social media, sedih 24/7 on twitter nanti mulalah ada orang tepuk tangan.............. huhuhuhu

Sebenarnya i nak cerita benda lain. Tapi takpelah memang dah biasa, dah common sangat buat random post ni. Uh, yeah, since i dah lama tak post kan. Why not i cerita apa yang tengah berlaku sekarang. And since tak ramai yang aktif blogging, then again, why not i cerita sini je so that takde orang kecam haha

Ok first exciting news! Abah nak jumpa faisal before meeting his parents.

Second! Abah decided that we both kahwin on November (insya Allah, doakan tau!)

Third......... semuanya masih lagi dalam perancangan. Lambat atau cepat kita tak tahu sebab yang di atas lagi tahu what will happen in our future so i tawakal & redha (sambil kumpul duit hihi) 

I am the last daughter yang belum kahwin, two of my sisters dah kahwin. My parents agak strict pasal certain things like tak boleh overnight rumah kawan, balik rumah lambat lambat & tak boleh dating berdua dengan faisal. But having thought of it, they werent being strict, thats what parents SHOULD be doing. Guarding their daughters, tak bagi keluar berdua dengan lelaki and stuff like that. If i am a parent, i would be doing the same kind of method to my children. 

I dont get to travel outside melaka, i tak boleh naik kl sendiri without any valid and strong reason. Walhal i satu jenis manusia who likes doing extreme sports, who likes to go for a hike and who likes to travel sebenarnya. But since, i dont have my driver's licence and if i do have one, i still cant go out of melaka. Not that my reason nak kahwin sebab i nak get away from my parents. No. Tapi it would be wonderful if i could travel, jadi backpacker dengan my husband, pergi hiking, buat extreme sports or simply just go out and have fun dengan suami. Seriously kan.... that would be nice. 

Frankly speaking it wasnt because of the 'kahwin awal' trend or i nak show off my husband to all. I nak kahwin sebab i nak redha Allah & i nak hubungan yang baik & hubungan yang boleh bagi pahala berduyun-duyun dengan faisal bukan hubungan seumpama yang sekarang ni. I have sinned too many....... we both have. 

I just hope semuanya baik-baik. 

I pray that semuanya akan jadi baik-baik.

Thursday, February 4

What If

What if today's date, back in 2012 didnt happen? What if i decided to further my study in tesl instead of taking accounting like how my dad told me? What if i decided to go for SPA intake and pursue my study in nursing? What if you masuk uitm puncak perdana instead of uitm lendu? What if you tak sambung pun and decided to kerja with your dad? What will happen if i ignored you the moment you approached me on Facebook IM? What do you think is going to happen to us? Will there even be us?

Looking back on our past has made me realize that there were so many 'what ifs' like what would happen if you tak bagi i second chance? What if you dah move on and fell in love with someone else and what if that night you didnt pick up my call? We got separated, we were so far apart. 
But God knows, maybe we were meant to be. You and i were meant for something better. 

Look at us now......
We're SOOOO in love just like the first time we met. We still have butterflies in our tummy. We still have awkward moments bila kita tak jumpa for a very long period. We still get excited bila ada cerita best. You tak pernah berubah sedikit pun. I hope we both stay like this forever. Always loving and supporting each other. I hope when we have kids, they'll see how much we love one another.

And look at what we have achieved and yet to achieve. I'm looking forward for everything that is going to happen this year 

I love you, sayang. I have never loved someone like how i love you. It used to be one heck of a cliche quote we found on tumblr, but i mean it. I never loved someone as much as i love you. 

Happy 4th Anniversary sayang saya, Faisal Hadi bin Abdul Aziz. You mean the world to me. 

Ingat! nanti jangan dua kali lafaz tau..............

4/2/2012 - forever 

Sunday, December 20


"Please don't expect anyone else to always be good, kind & loving. There are times when they will be cold, thoughtless & hard to understand."